Builders Gateway

A central supply location for region designers, built by Teebe Sewell, hosted by Zardoz Firanelli. Includes more than 50 free residential and commercial buildings. Building supplies and landscaping to be added later. Some buildings created by Sewell, others collected from other freebie distribution points. Sewell’s buildings come with an unrestricted use license. Other buildings may have different usage restrictions, as specified in the object descriptions. Store is located in the southwest corner of the region.


The welcome region on the Italian-language Craft grid. Includes a hypergrid gate to other worlds, a directory of in-grid destinations, and a small selection of free starter items including starting avatars, a translator and the Radionne multi-grid messaging device, which also allows communication with avatars in Second Life. There are also freebie shops located on the island.


A region dedicated to “La Bibliotheque Francophone” — which, if my high school French serves me right, means “The French Library.” Includes a casual meeting facility inside what appears to be an active volcano crater.