A complete copy of the Welcome region from the Hypergrid Central grid, with a huge selection of freebies, including a complete set of Torley Textures. Large variety of plants, buildings, clothing and accessories, avatars, hair and skins, animations, vehicles, and building sets.

The products are from some of the big names in OpenSim freebies — Lani Global, GovGrid, OpenSim Creations, Oni Kenkon Creations, Total Avatar Shop, OS Avatars,  and many others.

All items full perm, many with Creative Commons licenses, making them safe for school and company grids.

Includes several hypergates to other grids. Grid supports both OMC and PayPal payments. Check out the photo studio with 44 built-in model poses.

Plenty of business and school-appropriate clothing. Warning: some stores have pictures of naked avatar bodies. (For example, in the shapes and skins vendors.) So might not be suitable for class field trips.

But, overall, a great first stop for new grid owners and OpenSim residents looking for starter content with clear license terms.

Festa 24H

Main region of Oliveira Virtual Lands, an OpenSim hosting company. Region is home to a shopping center for freebies including skins, clothing, shapes, textures, and plants. Free parcels available for rent. Full regions start at $35 a month. Two hypergates to other worlds, including a hypergate from The Hypergates network and an Oliveira hypergate.


The Lani region boasts many attractions including free spaceships to drive, a Dune-like world below and a fantastic, fully accessible space station in the sky. The region is also home to the Lani Mall, with more than 50 stores offering over 2,300 different items, and destination boards to other science-fiction-themed grids and regions.