An extremely psychedelic, vertigo-inducing grid welcome area.  Small selection of starting freebies, including hair, skins, animations, and clothing. Complete starter avatars also available, including a Batman avatar, a couple of furry avatars, and a droid. The region is named after an unsettling science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick.

A Paradise

Welcome region on the Lost Paradise grid. Includes a hypergate to other worlds. Gorgeous landscaping, and well-stocked freebie stores with many Creative Commons-licensed items from Linda Kellie, Fleep, and OSAvatars. Freebies include avatars, clothing, and accessories, and residential furniture. Includes a land rental office.

Hyperica Upper

This is a jump region for grids running older versions of OpenSim and located in the upper coordinates. It automatically forwards avatars along to the main Hyperica hyperport, the largest on the hypergrid. Gates to all the major grids and shopping destinations. Includes some small freebie shops with hyperlinks back to their parent store locations.