Pleasant town square with some freebie stores, dress shops, and a shop with a very nice collection of NPC scripts. If you see random people walking around the region and they ignore you, don’t be offended — those are NPCs, also known as non-player characters, or bots. The region also has plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoor, for casual meetings. The Guggenheimer tavern has NPC wait staff.

Newbie City

A small town with freebie stores on the German-language Metropolis grid. Includes hair, shoes, furniture, skins and shapes, and more. Many items are by Linda Kellie, and licensed Creative Commons. No provenance information or license terms are posted however, so check before using commercially.

Wright Plaza

The granddaddy of all freebie malls, with stores offering everything from the staples to the very, very weird. Warning: naked avatar images in some skin displays. Includes skins, shapes, clothing and accessories, landscaping supplies, aquariums, animals, scripts, sculpty sets, poses, animations, dance balls, both working and non-working vehicles, furniture, buildings, textures, landmarks to interesting places on the grid, and much, much more. Look carefully — the rabbit shoulder pet in the same store as the patched jeans and the sim-sized racing circuit. You can also find back issues of the OSGazet here, in fhe OSGazet reading room. Most items licensed Creative Commons, but some restrictions may apply — check for posted license terms. In particular, Lani Global Systems products may not be taken to a commercial grid with a “grid economy.” Region is also home to OSGrid’s central meeting facility, with weekly office hours.

HG Gateway to the Metaverse

Welcome region on EUITOP, a small grid owned by the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica de Obras Públicas (College of Civil Engineering ) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Nice example of using content from Creative Commons-licensed sources like Linda Kellie and OpenVCE, in combination with original structures, to create a functional and nicely landscaped grid. Includes a Linda Kellie freebie store, stocked with essential supplies for new avatars.