Welcome region of Kubwa, a furry-themed grid with a small selection of furry avatars at the welcome landing, a dog and kitty in two color styles.   Hypergrid board with a few popular grid destinations.  Several small islands in the welcome area in various degrees of construction.


3D Digital Art Center: Eclectic, artistic world where art is displayed on floating platforms throughout the region.  The welcome region has a teleport area leading to each piece of art, a sandbox and a underwater freebie area.  The freebie area features about 6 very unique avatars including a cactus man and a robot.
 All art displays have a link to a webpage that gives more detail about the objects in the world.  Quite a bit of unique eye-candy such as a round house with a mans dress hat as the roof and a tall sculpture created with thin prims similar to a toothpick build.  Information is in French and English.