Meddlesome Roleplay

Meddlesome is a light crossover genre roleplay city for all ages open to canon and original characters. Roleplay as various factions or in a roleplay school. The region also has multiple freebie shops, live events, author meetups and write-ins, a free script library, and more.

Pirate’s Atoll

This is the welcome region of the Pirate’s Atoll grid, once a hideaway for pirates, but now an island paradise.

The town of New Tortuga has a cafe, shops, a library, offices, a hotel, a currency trading zone and more.

Lost Island Resort is a place to stay on the beach and dance the night away. Conference Island is a full featured virtual conference center. Hospitality Island hosts a visitor center and a hypergrid train station.

Check out the Pirate’s Atoll Visitors Guide for more info.

Terre Accueil

Welcome region of the French-language SirinHGpole grid. Includes an event venue, a land rental office, and gates to other on-grid destinations as well as to other grids. There is also a freebie store with a collection of Linda Kellie basics — mens and womens clothing, avatars, animations, and accessories. There is also a photo studio, a cafe, and a bar.


Welcome region of the 2Open grid. Includes gates to other worlds and a showcase of local destinations. There are several freebie stores with hair, shoes, skins, and other starting items. Some areas include “trash” stuff from Hobo and elsewhere, as well as hidden places for explorers to find and hypergates to other worlds. There are also two exhibition areas on the region.

Radioactive Welcome Area

Welcome region to the Radioactive Grid. Includes a copy of Linda Kellie’s Freebie Mall, where all content is licensed CC0, for any use whatsoever, including commercial resale.

Also includes the i-Mesh Mall by Avia Bonne, a collection of mostly modern-style mesh furniture. This store doesn’t have license terms posted but, in general, Avia Bonne prefers not to see her content used commercially. If you have any questions about using her content, contact her directly via her Google Plus page,

There is also a small building sandbox and hypergates to other worlds.