Dankoville is a small town in a farming area in the Corn Belt of the United States that welcomes writers, roleplayers, explorers and tourists. To read more about it, visit Danko Whitfield’s Journey to the Center of the Metaverse blog. Includes a couple of free starter avatars, a gallery featuring in-world photography, and a train station.


Welcome region of Spellscape, a UK-based magic-themed role play code. Includes an OpenSim viewer tutorial. Includes a little town filled with freebies stores and a land rental office. Free stores and residential parcels also available, but only for residents.

Freebies include starting avatars, hair, clothing, shoes, and other items. There is a large number of Linda Kellie items, free to use in any way on any grid, and also some items for sale to local residents.


Welcome region on the Soloton Grid. “Weltraumbahnhof” means “Spaceport” in German, and this is reflected in the region’s futuristic style.

This region, which has signs in both German and English, is a hyperport to other hypergrid destinations, sorted into categories. There are several gates to “science fiction” themed locations, for example, as well as gates to place with freebies, role play events, and nightlife.

One of the biggest hyperports around, and well worth visiting for anyone exploring the hypergrid.


Welcome region of the ZetaWorlds grid. Includes contact board for support staff, hypergates to other worlds, and a wide selection of freebies, including avatars and accessories, clothing, shows, animations, and costumes. Includes many Linda Kellie items, licensed to use anyway in any way, as well as products by other people, such as Avia Designs and Oopsee Creations.