WestWorld Welcome

A Wild West-themed welcome region for the open grid WestWorld, with a very complete selection of Linda Kellie freebies in the main building, as well as freebie shops with content from other designers elsewhere on the region. There are also community meeting spaces, including a conference room and a bar, teleport links to in-world destinations, and a hypergate to other worlds.

LK’s Building Supply

A collection of Linda Kellie building supplies, including untextured sculpts, clothing templates, as well as textures, and more.

All content except for the scripts is free and licensed CC0 — that means it can be used in any way, on any grid, including commercially and for resale, no attribution necessary. The scripts are licensed Creative Commons — check the license terms within the scripts themselves for usage details.

The region also includes a sandbox with automatic four-hour return.

You can also download the complete LK’s building Supply region in the form of an OAR file.