A sprawling 2.5 square kilometer area — approximately 38 standard regions — on the DigiWorldz grid designed specifically for vehicles. Miles of roadways, a freeway, and ample room for flying vehicles. Surrounded by another 2.5 square kilometers of water for sailing. There is a shopping mall here, a nursery, and a vehicle store, all with prices in local grid currency. The vehicle store has some freebies. Come drive thru Red Rock Canyon, explore Downtown, buzz around in your copter or simply enjoy the tranquility of 3 Plum Park. Landing point is under water.


A region on Craft dedicated to the Chinese art of Feng Shui. Some objects are free to copy, according to the region owner, but provenance and license terms are not posted, so check before using in any commercial project.


Lumos is a Harry Potter-themed roleplaying area on the Kitely grid: 25 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, strange things have been happening, and wizards are disappearing. We have everything you need to start roleplaying, from costumes to avatars to props, all free to use. Some content is not exportable to other grid. We welcome merchants with relevant items. Free shops are available. More information here.