I have a small request…

I have a small request that can potentially help many people with their personal grid or region. If you are running a home grid or region on Metro, OsGrid, or any others, could you pretty-please with sugar plum fairies all over it comment below on your Router Brand and Model number and whether it works, or not?

Opensimulator.org has a list of known good/bad routers for running grids or regions on grids, such as OSGrid, Metropolis, and the many Dreamworlds. Opensim servers are growing rapidly in number, and the #1 issue home users face is the DSL/Cable modem/Router setup. We are very interested in DSL and Cable routers that work out-of-the-box that have proper loopback/hairpinning. We are also interested in modems that are piles of housepuckey.

This list is at :


I can edit the list, so please comment with details on your little black box of goodness, or garbage. Thank you!