Eros resort

Web site: URL: Eros Resort is where people come to have fun and shop so come join us or come by and say hello.

Tradewinds Grid

URI: Four sims to explore: Welcome (box of LMs @ landing point) Tropical Island (swimming, dancing, lounging) Tradewinds (dancing, lounging, treehouses, etc) Outpost 78 (explore the space station)

The Havengrid

Always constructing.. always something to do. We have a church sim, New Life Christian Center with services on Sunday @ 12 noon grid time. All are welcomed.   Hg URL:


DiscoveryGrid – a place to discover yourself and your dreams. 45K prims per region (2×2,4×4,8×8) with an emphasis on performance.   HG URL:


A seedy down-town 2×2 region (to start), meant to be modelled after, but not a recreation of, Downtown Seattle circa 1987. HG url:

Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality is an Adult Casino HG Url:  


Adult grid For any and All Interested in BDSM   HG Url:  

UKTurk Grid

This English and Turkish speaking Grid is designed for anyone who has in interest in either of these two countries or for individuals looking to learn the languages of either English or Turkish. The UKTurk grid welcomes everyone from wherever you are in the world. Although listed as Adult this is NOT an adult grid. […] Plaza

Brittia Plaza on the Panthera Grid. Includes some mesh avatars, clothing, animation overriders, houses, freebies, as well as teleports to other in-world destinations, and a building sandbox and malls. There is also a performance stage, There is Gloebits & grid currency on wall to buy currencies. We do have region rentals for reasonable prices. Also […]


Ldu is a grid that is a place to relax and enjoy. we have 3 malls, a garden, tropical dance area and soon be adding more stuff as we go. Please drop in and enjoy. HG Link: