Category: Culture

  • MarsSociety

    The Holodeck region of the Mars Society Belgium on the Logicamp grid. Its also the best place to begin the visit of MARS TharsisTholus 10 by 10 varregion.

  • Bandits

    Bandits Saloon, of opensim fame, is now located in DigiWorldz, alive and kickin’! Always the greatest country music, both today’s and yesterday’s! Check out the country line dancing and bull riding. New to the grid? If you’re a DigiWorldz resident, come grab a free complete avatar. See the Bandits calendar at OpenSimWorld for full event listings.

  • Frostbite Thane

    Frostbite Thane is home to Freda’s Fantasy Mountain, with fairies, gnomes, supernova, stories, fae, and elves. Heximer Thane’s Airport and Air and Space Museum is also here, with planes, rockets, and hot air balloon. Also look for the Arizona Big House, designed by Don Smith, with a lounge, movies, art and dance area. Also check out the Thick Forest …

  • Dark Side of the Rainbow

    A Pink Floyd-themed region on the Kitely grid. Turn on media in preferences to get the full effect, including sounds, music, and video. Region includes an interactive movie theater, concert area, laser light show, gallery, a dancing area, many freebies, shopping, and a boat tour. A roller coaster is currently under construction. Landing point under water.

  • Abhainn Amhran

    A region on the Kitely grid dedicated to druidry and pagan celebrations. In the North West lie the lands of Anam Chara, inspired by An Thríbhís Mhòr, a Celtic symbol of land, sea and sky. There is a clothing optional park, to the East and the small town of Raven’s Reef in the east. Raven’s Reef has rentals available for both Kitely and non-Kitely …

  • Equinox

    Home of The Sands 80’s Club on the beach — Sun Sea Sand on the Great Canadian Grid. Great relaxing beach environment with great 80s tunes. Includes a waterslide, jet ski activity, Podex payment terminal.

  • Island Oasis

    Welcome region for the Island Oasis grid. A nice array of starting content for new avatars, but also pick up a landmark to free residential parcels for both local residents and hypergrid visitors.

  • Welcome Center

    Welcome region of the Watcher’s World grid. Includes a collection of free, Creative Commons-licensed content as well as a sandbox. Grid is up intermittently.