Category: Art

  • Stuff

    A copy of Linda Kellie’s shopping mall and her building supply center. Everything is licensed CCo, meaning that you can use it, modify it, and even sell it however you wish. It is the most complete and useful set of free starting content available for OpenSim users. There is also a collection of CC-licensed, full-perm FleepGrid content, and a collection …

  • Dark Side of the Rainbow

    A Pink Floyd-themed region on the Kitely grid. Turn on media in preferences to get the full effect, including sounds, music, and video. Region includes an interactive movie theater, concert area, laser light show, gallery, a dancing area, many freebies, shopping, and a boat tour. A roller coaster is currently under construction. Landing point under water.

  • Atlantis

    A copy of the Clutterfly Mall, a freebie region stocked by content from popular and prolific content creator Linda Kellie. There’s also a full-stocked mall with both classic and new content — fashion, avatar accessories, furniture, animations, and more. Everything is licensed CC0, for any use whatsoever, including resale. An entire store is dedicated to free mesh kits, available with full …

  • Aachen

    Shopping region on ZanGrid. Most items sold only for local currency, but there are some freebies, as well. Check out the Aachen Freebie Center in the Galerie Am Johannisbach, with CC0-licensed content based on Linda Kellie kits. Furniture, home decorations, and accessories.

  • Eire

    Eire is a fantasy region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a fantasy dragon lair and dragons scattered throughout the region watching over the treasures on ground level. Their are bridges waterfalls and chambers to explore here.

  • Lakeview Park Mall

    Lakeview Park Mall is a freebie shopping region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a mall with 18 stores to shop from and ranging from residential furniture to biker clothing. It also features a local destinations board with direct ports to the shops main region.

  • Freebies

    This is a freebies-themed region of the Metropolis grid. It features the region’s own little freebie mall with clothing, furniture, buildings, gadgets, home appliances, landscaping supplies, and more. One store features a large collection of scripted doors and blinds. Another features Egyptian artifacts. It also has the Linda Kellie Freebie Mall #2 as well, though the furniture annex has been moved upstairs, to …

  • Rainbow

    A freebie region on the Craft grid with a large collection of free clothing, mesh furniture and home decorating accessories, mesh staircases and building components, large collection of potted flowers. No license terms posted, so recommended for only personal use.

  • Bryndale

    This is the welcome region for the Majickal Life grid. It features tutorials on topics such as using inventory and taking snapshots for new users and also has info about the grid. There is also a avatar island which offers avatars, clothing, hair, and other freebies for new users.