Category: Belgium

  • Grand Place

    Welcome region on the mid-sized Belgian Speculoos grid. A recreation of the Grand Place square in Brussels, Belgium, currently under construction. Includes links to other grids, and to in-world locations.

  • Agora

    Shopping region on the mid-sized Belgian Speculoos grid. Check out the vogue-ing robots modeling clothes and avatar shapes. Cool and a little creepy. Pick up your free Speculoos grid tank top. Warning: avatar nudity on display. Some vending scripts may not work.

  • Logicamp-SW

    A mountainous build with working cable car ride. The feeling of vertigo wasn’t helped by having to ride on the top of the car, instead of safely inside — especially since flying is turned off in the region.

  • Logicamp

    The central region of the French-language Logicamp grid. Includes rental housing, a restaurant, some free boxed-up avatars, and a teleport guide to other regions on the grid.