Category: Building Sandbox

  • Eduland

    This is the welcome region for the grid Eduland . It features a classroom for specific courses set up on the grid, a tutorial path that shows new users the controls, and a sandbox area for building.

  • Twilight Welcome Center

    This is the welcome region for the Twilight Grid. It features a classroom, downtown area which contains a freebie shop with avatar animations, clothing, and accessories, and a sandbox area. The sandbox area has detailed instructions for new users to learn how to build. There is also a custom Twilight Grid shop which features grid specific items such as …

  • Sandbox

    A sandbox region on the Great Canadian Grid, conveniently equipped with a set of Linda Kellie building tools, licensed CCO for any use whatsoever. Includes scripts, textures, templates, and sculpties. There is also an OpenSim building tutorial here.

  • 3DLES

    This is the welcome region for the 3DLES grid. It features a freebie section with textures, trees and plants, food and drinks, furniture, starting avatars, and clothing. There is also a gaming area for entertainment, a meeting area for conferences, and a sandbox area for building.

  • WestWorld Welcome

    A Wild West-themed welcome region for the open grid WestWorld, with a very complete selection of Linda Kellie freebies in the main building, as well as freebie shops with content from other designers elsewhere on the region. There are also community meeting spaces, including a conference room and a bar, teleport links to in-world destinations, and a hypergate to other worlds.