Category: Buildings

  • Stuff

    A copy of Linda Kellie’s shopping mall and her building supply center. Everything is licensed CCo, meaning that you can use it, modify it, and even sell it however you wish. It is the most complete and useful set of free starting content available for OpenSim users. There is also a collection of CC-licensed, full-perm FleepGrid content, and a collection …

  • Clutterfly Redux

    A copy of Linda Kellie’s Clutterfly shopping center, with a very very wide selection of free content — clothing, skins, animations, furniture and mesh kits for creating your own mesh clothing and objects. Everything is licensed CCo, meaning that you can use it, modify it, and even sell it however you wish. It is the most complete and useful …

  • Good Region

    A freebie island on the Lost Paradise grid. Also home to a country club with a dance floor, a Maltese restaurant, an animal sanctuary, and a park with giant statues of King Kong and a dinosaur. Freebies include CC0-licensed mesh kits from Clutterfly, textures, and more.

  • Brayla Sana Gallery

    Showcase region for Kitely Market’s Brayla Sana Gallery store, featuring buildings, landscaping, and furniture. There is also a free script area, with scripts tested and working in Opensim 8.x, as well as OpenSim versions of MLP and Builder’s Buddy.

  • Aerion

    Aerion is the home of Unity Battle & RP Systems and Falcon Weapons. It is a medieval-themed sim and is open to all. You will find finely crafted and scripted weapons, tournament and arena systems, food and role play economy systems, and more.

  • Islands Home

    Free homes and residential parcels on the Island Oasis grid. Available for both local grid residents and hypergrid visitors. Only requirement is that the resident visit their land at least once a week to click on a rental box.

  • Aachen

    Shopping region on ZanGrid. Most items sold only for local currency, but there are some freebies, as well. Check out the Aachen Freebie Center in the Galerie Am Johannisbach, with CC0-licensed content based on Linda Kellie kits. Furniture, home decorations, and accessories.

  • Sirens Grotto

    Sirens Grotto is a shopping region on the DigiWorldZ Grid. It features shops for clothing (men and women), footwear, and prefab buildings. It also has 2 music venues: La Ola and The Pavilion which are both on the region.

  • Summer Land

    Summer Land is a large exploration region on the Kitely Grid. It features places like a mansion, a small town, a port, and more for you to explore. Freebies are scattered throughout the region, so please do take a copy for your own personal, non-commerical use.