Category: Cafe

  • Summer

    Residential community with a beach and downtown. Store with freebies. Central square with a stage for DJs and video big screen. Beach cabins at no charge available from Residencial Ilha Paradise.

  • Frostbite Thane

    This is a fantasy-themed region on the Kitely grid, with a magic mountain, a cozy waterfront home, boats to float, Victorian homes, an old farm, thick forest, and much more. There are some freebies and a variety of literary events. It will soon be home to the Babble Literary Art Museum. Small conference and performance venues available. Stop by …

  • Abhainn Amhran

    A region on the Kitely grid dedicated to druidry and pagan celebrations. In the North West lie the lands of Anam Chara, inspired by An Thríbhís Mhòr, a Celtic symbol of land, sea and sky. There is a clothing optional park, to the East and the small town of Raven’s Reef in the east. Raven’s Reef has rentals available for both Kitely and non-Kitely …

  • PartyLand

    PartyLand is a sister sim of the grid club region “Club Zandramas,” managed by Sofee Supermarine. The region is home to themed events with both DJs and live performances, as well as holiday parties. Currently decorated for spring, there is a romantic ballroom, a lake-front cafe, and a cave with an underground waterfall.

  • Greek Urban City

    Greek Urban City is an 18+ adult region on the grid GreekLife Virtual World . It features a sprawling dark city with a club, various adult locations to visit, and more.

  • Littlefield East

    Littlefield East is a region on the Littlefield Grid. It features shops with items for exclusive use by Littlefield Grid residents. There is also a music lounge with stage.

  • Rawai

    This is a region on the grid Endive World. It features various huts and hangout areas by the water and even a dance floor and bar. Come out by the water and enjoy some time with your friends!

  • Toul

    Take a relaxing walk through Scheherazade’s garden. Also have a swim in the Hammam’s water and grab a drink with friends at the Purple Bar near the sea.