Category: Canada

  • Parkville

    A park at ground level, and, somewhere above, a city build, a residential desert-themed area and a demo area for the Metamakers Kitely Store. Check the notecard providing at landing for teleport links. City area includes gates to other grids, a movie theater, art galleries,

  • Sandbox

    A sandbox region on the Great Canadian Grid, conveniently equipped with a set of Linda Kellie building tools, licensed CCO for any use whatsoever. Includes scripts, textures, templates, and sculpties. There is also an OpenSim building tutorial here.

  • Welcome

    Welcome region of The Great Canadian Grid. Includes a virtual Tim Horton’s, a popular Canadian fast-food chain. There is a pub there, with a dance floor, a Podex cash terminal, and a board showing online support staff.

  • White Wolf

    A recreation of Canada’s historic Central Hotel in Rossland, British Columnia by Jeeper Shim. The hotel was later renamed the White Wolf. Region also has a newspaper kiosk for the OSGazet, and a hypergrid teleportation portal.