Shopping region on ZanGrid. Most items sold only for local currency, but there are some freebies, as well. Check out the Aachen Freebie Center in the Galerie Am Johannisbach, with CC0-licensed content based on Linda Kellie kits. Furniture, home decorations, and accessories.


Norderhov has a Chapel, the Vicar’s residence and a small store that carries seasonal free items such as for Christmas. Magnificent view to the Seven Sisters mountains from the Vickar’s flagpole. They don’t have electricity yet in Norderhov, so all by candle and lamp light. Norderhov Chapel can be used by anyone who wants a sacred room for prayers, sermons or even marriages. Everyone is welcome. The chapel seats up to 24 avatars. For booking and events, please contact Xmir. The original stone church was built in 1171 AD.

Boas Vindas

Virtual Brasil is a little piece of Brasil put into the OpemSim world. It features a welcome hub, a fashion shop to buy some clothes and outfits, a gym where you can do certain animations, Virtual Brasil’s own dance club, and a church. A few residential buildings are located on the map as well. There is also a nice beach view past the welcome hub for visitors to enjoy.


Virtual recreation of the Castle of Dux. The castle was built in the 13th century as a fort. In the 18th century Giacomo Casanova spent his last years in the castle. In the 19th century it was rebuilt in the classicist style. As of 2008, the Castle of Dux is open to visitors. Explore the castle to find freebies, including horses, historic furniture, and other items.

Pirate’s Atoll

This is the welcome region of the Pirate’s Atoll grid, once a hideaway for pirates, but now an island paradise.

The town of New Tortuga has a cafe, shops, a library, offices, a hotel, a currency trading zone and more.

Lost Island Resort is a place to stay on the beach and dance the night away. Conference Island is a full featured virtual conference center. Hospitality Island hosts a visitor center and a hypergrid train station.

Check out the Pirate’s Atoll Visitors Guide for more info.