Category: Colleges and Universities

  • Eduland

    This is the welcome region for the grid Eduland . It features a classroom for specific courses set up on the grid, a tutorial path that shows new users the controls, and a sandbox area for building.

  • BSU Campus

    This is the welcome region for REDgrid . It is the BSUCampus which is n educational region which was designed for digital intermedia art by Ball State University. It also features dorms, social areas, and a study hall.

  • UCI Mondego vLab

    This is the welcome region for the UCI Modengo vLab grid.  It features various meeting rooms for education, an auditorium for conventions, a sandbox zone, and gazebo.

  • Central Hub

    This is the welcome region for the Apollo grid, operated by the University of St. Andrews in the U.K. It features a hyperport to regions in the present history and past history, such as the Linlithgow Palace and the Brora Saltpans. It has an area of freebies, including some starting avatars, and a special collection that features rare books and …

  • WelcomeZone

    Welcome region of the Science Circle grid, where scientists, educators and entrepreneurs from various fields gather twice a month for presentations and discussions. Includes hypergrid gates to other worlds.

  • Welcome

    Welcome region of the Free Open Grid, an academic project designed to provide free regions to the metaverse. Includes a basic avatar and an OpenSim tutorial, as well as land rental information for those looking for additional land.

  • Diva Office 1

    Home region of the Diva’s Office grid, owned by hypergrid inventor and OpenSim core developer Crista Lopes. She is known as Diva Canto in-world, and is also a professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine. Region is home to some hypergrid teleporters to other worlds, and a small collection of freebies.

  • HG Gateway to the Metaverse

    Welcome region on EUITOP, a small grid owned by the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica de Obras Públicas (College of Civil Engineering ) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Nice example of using content from Creative Commons-licensed sources like Linda Kellie and OpenVCE, in combination with original structures, to create a functional and nicely landscaped grid. Includes a Linda Kellie …

  • VT_Diva02 1

    Welcome region of the Virtual GLC grid, a virtual tour of Virginia Tech’s Graduate Life Center. Includes a virtual copy of the graduate residence hall and an outdoor lecture area.