Category: Conference Room

  • Frostbite Thane

    This is a fantasy-themed region on the Kitely grid, with a magic mountain, a cozy waterfront home, boats to float, Victorian homes, an old farm, thick forest, and much more. There are some freebies and a variety of literary events. It will soon be home to the Babble Literary Art Museum. Small conference and performance venues available. Stop by …

  • Frostbite Thane

    Frostbite Thane is home to Freda’s Fantasy Mountain, with fairies, gnomes, supernova, stories, fae, and elves. Heximer Thane’s Airport and Air and Space Museum is also here, with planes, rockets, and hot air balloon. Also look for the Arizona Big House, designed by Don Smith, with a lounge, movies, art and dance area. Also check out the Thick Forest …

  • Campus-1

    A region on the Logicamp grid based on the Universal Campus build. Includes a section of free starting avatars, clothing, hair and shoes,  and teleports to other notable destinations on the grid. There are also several meeting rooms, an auditorium, a board room, and other indoor and outdoor meeting areas.

  • Leventica

    Welcome region of the A Life Virtual grid. Includes links to a small selection of other destinations on the grid and two starting avatars for sale.

  • Blueberry

    This is a region on the Exo-Life grid. It holds special events, parties, and performances. Also has a theater that screens a weekly movie.

  • Central

    This is the welcome region for the 3DTeams grid, part of the Virtual Islands for Better Education project. It features a welcome area with tutorials for new users and a dressing room where you can get fitted into the freebie uniforms provided at the welcome area. There is also a conference room which teaches users about Team STEPPS, which is a …

  • Darkover

    Anonymous Global‘s Darkover Complex is part of the Hyperia area of the Virtual Worlds Grid. There are meeting areas here and a gate to other grids. The landing point is under water.