Category: Consulting

  • AvaCon Conference Center

    This is the welcome region for the AvaCon Grid, run by AvaCon, Inc., a non-profit that runs the OpenSimulator Community Conference and many other metaverse events. The region features a conference room with six bottom floor rooms for meetings and a freebie avatar shop. Upstairs are six more conference rooms. Above those six rooms is an auditorium. Rooms include media projectors for meetings. …

  • Encitra Home

    Welcome region on the Encitra Home Grid, owned by Encitra, a California-based startup dedicated to creating 3D simulations of proposed transportation and real estate projects. This region includes a meeting facility.

  • Detroit

    Welcome region on the 3DCoLab grid, home of the virtual worlds development company of the same same. The region is home to a virtual recreation of Detroit’s Michigan Central Station.

  • CherNetiva

    JokaydiaGrid residence of Sarvana Cherry and SarVana Haalan, business partners of consultant and instructor Sally Cherry of the Cherry Consulting Network, which provides Garden City IDsocial media marketing consultations and related training to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.