Category: Education

  • Gatika

    Home of the Universite Populaire Komunika Ouverte, or Open Popular University Virtual Worlds. A free-to-use virtual educational facility. Landing point is under water.

  • Gaspe Quebec

    Gaspe Quebec is a region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a learn to build area for beginners, freebie gift boxes which include furniture, objects, etc. There is also a local destinations board.

  • Mathland

    This is a region on the grid Techland Grid. It is an educational region aiming to help students learn geometry and learn through the use of 3D objects.

  • New Mexico

    This is a region on the grid Metropolis. It is a historical recreation of the four corners territory in New Mexico during the 1800s. There is also a local destinations on the board to other Western themed regions and info on the grid and region.

  • Astronomy

    This is a region on the Metropolis grid. It is an astronomy region which features a solar system that allows control by the user to change thing such as the rotation and how many stars are visible.

  • Central

    This is the welcome region for the 3DTeams grid, part of the Virtual Islands for Better Education project. It features a welcome area with tutorials for new users and a dressing room where you can get fitted into the freebie uniforms provided at the welcome area. There is also a conference room which teaches users about Team STEPPS, which is a …