Category: Entertainment

  • EyE eMagine

    Very large creative region to explore on the 3rd Life Grid. You can fly a spaceship, pick up a free Fest’Avi avatar, take a photo of yourself against a large collection of photo backdrops in a posing photo booth, ride bumper cars, play table games, and visit the headquarters of VisionZ magazine. There are also landscaping freebies. Use the local teleporter …

  • Artoare Allen Amusement Park

    An authentic and unique amusement park experience with realistic amusement park rides not found anywhere else. Old favorites like bumper cars, the Gravitron and the Ferris wheel and new thrill rides like the Top Fuel Dragster and Kamikaze Ranger. Enjoy interactive games on the midway.

  • Paradise World

    Paradise World is a fantasy exploration region on the Metropolis grid. It features vast map full of medieval towns and forests to explore. It also has various hangout areas like a lake and pool, and games like the betting game, Greedy Dice.

  • Mogor

    Mogor is an 18+ sim-sailing region featuring adult freebies, a hangout area, sailing on it’s Tortuga Island, an Arabian town called Magerit, and three gorgeous ships.

  • Eire

    Eire is a fantasy region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a fantasy dragon lair and dragons scattered throughout the region watching over the treasures on ground level. Their are bridges waterfalls and chambers to explore here.

  • Twilight Zone

    Twilight Zone is an 18+ dark region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a Twilight Zone Club and Mall featuring freebies such as clothing, accessories, and body modifications. They also have room for free shops on the region.

  • Port Alexi

    Port Alexi is a region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features freebie textures, land for sale, and a shop for women’s clothing. It also has a local destinations board.

  • Area 52

    Area 52 is a region on the Metropolis grid. It features a general store, clothing, avatar skins and shapes, and more. It also features local destinations.

  • Immersion One

    Immersion One is a region on the DigiWorldz grid. It features a cool social game called “Today I fell in Lava” and a lounge area for when you’re not playing.