Category: Fantasy Roleplay

  • Paradise World

    Paradise World is a fantasy exploration region on the Metropolis grid. It features vast map full of medieval towns and forests to explore. It also has various hangout areas like a lake and pool, and games like the betting game, Greedy Dice.

  • Eire

    Eire is a fantasy region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a fantasy dragon lair and dragons scattered throughout the region watching over the treasures on ground level. Their are bridges waterfalls and chambers to explore here.

  • Pixel Hollow

    Pixel Hollow is a fantasy and fairy themed region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a dance floor and DJ booth, freebie texture shop, local destinations, and various places to hangout in this fantasy world. Live music events on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays — search the Great Canadian Grid calendar for “Pixel Hollow” for event details. Check out the fire-breathing dragon you …

  • Lumos

    Lumos is a Harry Potter-themed roleplaying area on the Kitely grid: 25 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, strange things have been happening, and wizards are disappearing. We have everything you need to start roleplaying, from costumes to avatars to props, all free to use. Some content is not exportable to other grid. We welcome merchants with relevant items. Free shops …

  • River City

    This is the entry point for the River Lands medieval roleplay community on the  Great Canadian Grid. It features a local destinations board and has info about the region and community.

  • Green Hill Zone

    The welcome region of the Mobius Grid, the gamer hangout. Includes a Podex currency terminal. Also features a welcome area with info about the region and a donation links to support the grid.

  • Cookie II

    A steampunk-themed region on Kitely by the non-profit New Media Arts, Inc. Includes a collection of free-to-copy Arcadia Asylum builds.

  • Ignis

    Ignis Fatuus‘ main hypergrid gateway. A rich and complex medieval-themed grid. Wonderful and expansive setting for role playing and similar activities, for group field trips, or to draw some inspiration.