Pixel Hollow

Pixel Hollow is a fantasy and fairy themed region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a dance floor and DJ booth, freebie texture shop, local destinations, and various places to hangout in this fantasy world. Live music events on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays — search the Great Canadian Grid calendar for “Pixel Hollow” for event details. Check out the fire-breathing dragon you can fly on, try to win prizes fishing in the pond, and visit the working replica of Dr. Who’s Tardis.


Lumos is a Harry Potter-themed roleplaying area on the Kitely grid: 25 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, strange things have been happening, and wizards are disappearing. We have everything you need to start roleplaying, from costumes to avatars to props, all free to use. Some content is not exportable to other grid. We welcome merchants with relevant items. Free shops are available. More information here.


Welcome region of Spellscape, a UK-based magic-themed role play code. Includes an OpenSim viewer tutorial. Includes a little town filled with freebies stores and a land rental office. Free stores and residential parcels also available, but only for residents.

Freebies include starting avatars, hair, clothing, shoes, and other items. There is a large number of Linda Kellie items, free to use in any way on any grid, and also some items for sale to local residents.