Category: Fantasy

  • Neiferleaf

    Neiferleaf is the welcome region of the fantasy-themed role playing grid Bartelbe. It features lavender meadows, the True Stonehenge replica, the Magic Grotto, the fantasy Tower Castle near the 1.5-scale Epic Castle and many other shared creations by the OpenSim community.

  • Paradise World

    Paradise World is a fantasy exploration region on the Metropolis grid. It features vast map full of medieval towns and forests to explore. It also has various hangout areas like a lake and pool, and games like the betting game, Greedy Dice.

  • Mogor

    Mogor is an 18+ sim-sailing region featuring adult freebies, a hangout area, sailing on it’s Tortuga Island, an Arabian town called Magerit, and three gorgeous ships.

  • Eire

    Eire is a fantasy region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a fantasy dragon lair and dragons scattered throughout the region watching over the treasures on ground level. Their are bridges waterfalls and chambers to explore here.

  • Heartland

    Heartland is an 18-plus region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features an area called Sugarland which has a bar and dance floor for hangouts. There is also a nude beach called Dolphin Cove. It also features a local destinations board.