Category: France

  • Avatar

    FrancoGrid‘s region set aside for the Fest’Avi avatar festival features free avatars from last year’s event. There is also an avatar creation tutorial area.

  • Terra-Mater

    Cherry Manga’s playground. This surreal art region’s ground changes according to the artist’s mood while the sky hosts installations, documenting past works.

  • Accueil FrancoGrid

    Welcome region on the French-language non-profit FrancoGrid. Includes portals to featured in-world destinations, as well as to destinations on other grids. Stunning, science fiction style water-themed build.

  • Biblio

    A region dedicated to “La Bibliotheque Francophone” — which, if my high school French serves me right, means “The French Library.” Includes a casual meeting facility inside what appears to be an active volcano crater.

  • Orion

    Welcome region for the French-language FrancoGrid. Includes a freebie store and building tutorial area, and a teleport board to other destinations on FrancoGrid — and elsewhere on the hypergrid.