Category: Gambling

  • Faze Games

    Vegas-style resort and casino on the adult-only Immersive Reality grid. Shops and games take local IR$ currency, which is not redeemable for cash, but can be used to pay for land.

  • Xtatic Gaming

    A gambling casino on the adults-only Immersive Reality grid. Play is for local IR$, which are not redeemable for real money, but can be used to pay for land parcels on the grid.

  • Immersive Reality HQ

    Welcome region for the Immersive Reality grid. Adults only. Local and hypergrid teleporters are at the welcome center, as well as stores and the land office. Local currency is IR$ which can be purchased through PayPal once a local account is set up. Immersive Reality has casino-style gambling, try your luck at the slots, blackjack tables or solo roulette wheels …