Category: Game

  • Kodinpump

    Annual pumpkin hunt by Angie Menges, Nani and Ange, with 30 gifts to find this year inside some of the pumpkins. The hunt runs through November 15.

  • Zombie Infection

    An interactive region on the Great Canadian Grid with a zombie apocalypse theme. Check out the military base, the graveyard, the zombie toddlers on the playground, and the sewers. Grab a gun and shoot some zombies.

  • Moya

    Moya is a art and photography region on FrancoGrid. It features the International Museum of Photography and other pieces of art scattered through the region. Their is also carnival games and the artcenter of contemporary art, Radium, which is a replica of the Moya Radium in Korea.

  • Immersion One

    Immersion One is a region on the DigiWorldz grid. It features a cool social game called “Today I fell in Lava” and a lounge area for when you’re not playing.