Category: Germany

  • Vesban

    This is the welcome region for the grid ToPi’s World. It is a German 18-plus region which is a large town which features residential areas, a ballroom, dance floor, teleport stations scattered around the city, and random social areas to explore.

  • *Metropolis*

    The welcome region of the Metropolis Grid. Includes a help desk and gates to other in-world destinations. There is also a bar and a dance club on the lower levels.

  • Center

    Welcome region of the Annettes Welt grid, includes a variety of freebies, hypergates to other worlds, and teleport links to other in-world destinations.

  • Santiago

    A nice freebie store on the German-language Dorena’s World grid. Residential furniture, avatars, ladies fashion, animation overriders, a Linda Kellie collection, and more in this multi-level freebie mall.

  • SecondLearningGate

    A Linda Kellie-designed welcome region for 3DGrid, a German-language educational grid. Includes a hypergate to other worlds, a teleport board to local destinations, and a wide selection of Linda Kellie freebies.

  • Atlantis1

    A freebie shopping mall with a small and eclectic selection of stores, including a store of just fences, a bookstore, a funky furniture and decorating accessories shop, and clothing. Check out the back room of S.D. Creations’ Darkworld store for some unusual, hand-crafted products. Most stores are still empty, so slots may be available for merchants.

  • Nihilon

    Home of the weekly “Rock-House” events every Friday at 8 p.m. CET, or 11 a.m. Pacific, that have been running continuously for more than a year now. The stream is currently broadcast via Dereos Radio. Landing point is under water. Check the Grid Talk calendar for latest listings.

  • Begabungs 1

    Welcome region of the World of Begabungs, an educational grid by the Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children. Including meeting facilities, science labs, a virtual bank, and a shopping center.