Category: Hangout

  • Bora Bora

    A tropical island-themed region on DigiWorldz with a nudist beach, marina, hospital, and much more. Great place for a photo shoot.

  • Paradise World

    Paradise World is a fantasy exploration region on the Metropolis grid. It features vast map full of medieval towns and forests to explore. It also has various hangout areas like a lake and pool, and games like the betting game, Greedy Dice.

  • Mogor

    Mogor is an 18+ sim-sailing region featuring adult freebies, a hangout area, sailing on it’s Tortuga Island, an Arabian town called Magerit, and three gorgeous ships.

  • Welcome

    This is the welcome region for the Neverworld Grid. It features a dance club, shopping areas with freebies in housing, clothing, and more, and a board of other regions on the grid.

  • BigCity

    BigCity is a massive shopping region on the OSGrid. It features tons of freebie shopping centers and skyscrapers to explore and get clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. It also has a local destinations board to other regions on the grid.

  • Moya

    Moya is a art and photography region on FrancoGrid. It features the International Museum of Photography and other pieces of art scattered through the region. Their is also carnival games and the artcenter of contemporary art, Radium, which is a replica of the Moya Radium in Korea.

  • Twilight Zone

    Twilight Zone is an 18+ dark region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a Twilight Zone Club and Mall featuring freebies such as clothing, accessories, and body modifications. They also have room for free shops on the region.