Category: Historical Recreation

  • New Mexico

    This is a region on the grid Metropolis. It is a historical recreation of the four corners territory in New Mexico during the 1800s. There is also a local destinations on the board to other Western themed regions and info on the grid and region.

  • Nova

    This is the welcome region for the Nova Archeology grid, part of the Virtual Islands for Better Education project. It features historical exhibits, a conference center, a new user guide with information about the region, and an avatar mailbox. At the exhibits, there are info boards that tell the history of the exhibit and its back story.

  • Central Hub

    This is the welcome region for the Apollo grid, operated by the University of St. Andrews in the U.K. It features a hyperport to regions in the present history and past history, such as the Linlithgow Palace and the Brora Saltpans. It has an area of freebies, including some starting avatars, and a special collection that features rare books and …

  • Murat River

    Welcome to the small settlement set in the beautiful middle eastern mountainous Murat River valley. Here you will find the river running from sea level up to the lake at Badr Jabaal surrounded by tall snow covered mountains. Central in the valley is the small village where you can find a store, resource packs and many copyable items. Sit …

  • Jilmer Castles

    A recreation by Jil Rodenberger and Marcalia Beck of part of the Second Life Avendale Ruins area, including a McDonalds serving hedgehogburgers and rat pasties. Say hi to the NPC of Phillip Linden enjoying a rat pasty. Nice place to bring a small tour group, and hang out in the medieval cafe. Make sure to pick up a tourist …

  • Detroit

    Welcome region on the 3DCoLab grid, home of the virtual worlds development company of the same same. The region is home to a virtual recreation of Detroit’s Michigan Central Station.