Category: Italy

  • Craft-Store

    Fine, hand-made Italian shoes and other freebies for the discerning virtual fashionista. Clothing,  accessories and animations for men and women, plus a smaller selection of vehicles, boats, landscaping items, buildings and furnishings.

  • Welcome

    Welcome region on the CloneLife grid, includes some basic OpenSim instructions and a conference center. Landing point is under the floor. Most signs are in Italian.

  • Uptown

    A fantasy-themed region on the Craft grid. Includes a nice selection of male and female fantasy outfits, including hair and accessories.

  • Hydra

    The welcome region on the Italian-language Craft grid. Includes a hypergrid gate to other worlds, a directory of in-grid destinations, and a small selection of free starter items including starting avatars, a translator and the Radionne multi-grid messaging device, which also allows communication with avatars in Second Life. There are also freebie shops located on the island.