Category: Landmarks

  • Moya

    Moya is a art and photography region on FrancoGrid. It features the International Museum of Photography and other pieces of art scattered through the region. Their is also carnival games and the artcenter of contemporary art, Radium, which is a replica of the Moya Radium in Korea.

  • Tropical Country

    Tropical Country is an 18-plus region on the DigiWorldz grid. It features a welcome area with a dance floor, DJ booth, a local destinations board, and info about the region. All of this is set by a beachfront perfect for a sunset evening.

  • Hideaway Castle

    Hideaway Castle is a fantasy and medieval themed region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a local destinations board and a castle to hangout with your friends.

  • Radiola

    This is the welcome region for the Radiola grid. It is a music-themed region with a concert designated for events. There are also random art pieces displayed around the region. There is the Radio Cibigibi station on the region as well.

  • Wright Plaza

    The granddaddy of all freebie malls, with stores offering everything from the staples to the very, very weird. Warning: naked avatar images in some skin displays. Includes skins, shapes, clothing and accessories, landscaping supplies, aquariums, animals, scripts, sculpty sets, poses, animations, dance balls, both working and non-working vehicles, furniture, buildings, textures, landmarks to interesting places on the grid, and much, …

  • Grand Place

    Welcome region on the mid-sized Belgian Speculoos grid. A recreation of the Grand Place square in Brussels, Belgium, currently under construction. Includes links to other grids, and to in-world locations.