Summer Land

Summer Land is a large exploration region on the Kitely Grid. It features places like a mansion, a small town, a port, and more for you to explore. Freebies are scattered throughout the region, so please do take a copy for your own personal, non-commerical use.

Immersive Reality HQ

Welcome region for the Immersive Reality grid. Adults only. Local and hypergrid teleporters are at the welcome center, as well as stores and the land office. Local currency is IR$ which can be purchased through PayPal once a local account is set up. Immersive Reality has casino-style gambling, try your luck at the slots, blackjack tables or solo roulette wheels — walk through a teleporter to reach the gaming destinations. Although for legal reasons you cannot convert your IR$ back to any form of real world money, you can use your virtual winnings to rent parcels in Boom Town and make other IR$ purchases. Immersive reality is LGTB and BDSM friendly. Full regions which support 45,000 prims are available for $50.00 a month.

Radioactive Welcome Area

Welcome region to the Radioactive Grid. Includes a copy of Linda Kellie’s Freebie Mall, where all content is licensed CC0, for any use whatsoever, including commercial resale.

Also includes the i-Mesh Mall by Avia Bonne, a collection of mostly modern-style mesh furniture. This store doesn’t have license terms posted but, in general, Avia Bonne prefers not to see her content used commercially. If you have any questions about using her content, contact her directly via her Google Plus page,

There is also a small building sandbox and hypergates to other worlds.