Category: Meeting Rooms

  • Campus-1

    A region on the Logicamp grid based on the Universal Campus build. Includes a section of free starting avatars, clothing, hair and shoes,  and teleports to other notable destinations on the grid. There are also several meeting rooms, an auditorium, a board room, and other indoor and outdoor meeting areas.

  • Mogor

    Mogor is an 18+ sim-sailing region featuring adult freebies, a hangout area, sailing on it’s Tortuga Island, an Arabian town called Magerit, and three gorgeous ships.

  • Littlefield East

    Littlefield East is a region on the Littlefield Grid. It features shops with items for exclusive use by Littlefield Grid residents. There is also a music lounge with stage.

  • Mystique

    Mystique is a fantasy-themed region on Nara’s Nook, a popular writers’ grid. It features two social areas. One is a gorgeous building with a fireplace, hot tub, dinner table, and sleeping accommodations for all your friends. The other area is a beautiful tree house fit with bedrooms and a living room. Perfect for parties.

  • OAR-Country Cabin

    This is a region on the grid Metropolis based on the Linda Kellie Country Cabin OAR. It features a nice cabin fit for anyone looking to hangout with their friends in the woods.

  • Metu Ogeb

    This is the welcome region for the Metu Ogeb grid. It features meeting rooms for different topics, freebie shops for hair, clothing and skin and a local destinations board.

  • Nile Goddess

    This is a region on the DigiWorldZ Grid. It is a Egyptian-themed region which features a welcome area with group invites. Various hangout areas spread around the region where you can listed to the music on the region and have a good time. There are also various Egyptian themed freebies around the region like furniture and clothing.