Category: Music

  • Bandits

    Bandits Saloon, of opensim fame, is now located in DigiWorldz, alive and kickin’! Always the greatest country music, both today’s and yesterday’s! Check out the country line dancing and bull riding. New to the grid? If you’re a DigiWorldz resident, come grab a free complete avatar. See the Bandits calendar at OpenSimWorld for full event listings.

  • Frostbite Thane

    This is a fantasy-themed region on the Kitely grid, with a magic mountain, a cozy waterfront home, boats to float, Victorian homes, an old farm, thick forest, and much more. There are some freebies and a variety of literary events. It will soon be home to the Babble Literary Art Museum. Small conference and performance venues available. Stop by …

  • Frostbite Thane

    Frostbite Thane is home to Freda’s Fantasy Mountain, with fairies, gnomes, supernova, stories, fae, and elves. Heximer Thane’s Airport and Air and Space Museum is also here, with planes, rockets, and hot air balloon. Also look for the Arizona Big House, designed by Don Smith, with a lounge, movies, art and dance area. Also check out the Thick Forest …

  • Dark Side of the Rainbow

    A Pink Floyd-themed region on the Kitely grid. Turn on media in preferences to get the full effect, including sounds, music, and video. Region includes an interactive movie theater, concert area, laser light show, gallery, a dancing area, many freebies, shopping, and a boat tour. A roller coaster is currently under construction. Landing point under water.

  • Equinox

    Home of The Sands 80’s Club on the beach — Sun Sea Sand on the Great Canadian Grid. Great relaxing beach environment with great 80s tunes. Includes a waterslide, jet ski activity, Podex payment terminal.

  • Artifax

    Artifax is a Bitcoin-based gaming and shopping region on YrGrid from Artifax Gaming.  Shops are available for rent and for browsing. There is also a dance club with DJs. Post your requests at Artifax Radio.

  • Sirens Grotto

    Sirens Grotto is a shopping region on the DigiWorldZ Grid. It features shops for clothing (men and women), footwear, and prefab buildings. It also has 2 music venues: La Ola and The Pavilion which are both on the region.

  • Greek Urban City

    Greek Urban City is an 18+ adult region on the grid GreekLife Virtual World . It features a sprawling dark city with a club, various adult locations to visit, and more.