Category: Musical Instruments

  • Lakeview Park Mall

    Lakeview Park Mall is a freebie shopping region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a mall with 18 stores to shop from and ranging from residential furniture to biker clothing. It also features a local destinations board with direct ports to the shops main region.

  • Littlefield East

    Littlefield East is a region on the Littlefield Grid. It features shops with items for exclusive use by Littlefield Grid residents. There is also a music lounge with stage.

  • Riverford

    Shopping region on Craft World with some excellent and unique content by local designers, including a very nice selection of free mesh dresses, skirts and shoes by Terry Bond. Landscaping supplies, furniture and decorating items, houses, and much more. Look for the row of multicolored square buildings on the west side of the region.

  • Rippersmetaverse

    The welcome region of the RippersMetaverse grid. Home to a little village with shops with content from Linda Kellie and other designers, along with places to explore along the beaches and hiking the mountains. Includes a hypergate to other worlds.

  • ATEK Home

    Welcome region of the ATEK Grid, an open grid which allows people to connect self-hosted regions for free. Includes a directory of in-world destinations, a staff directory, a land rental office for those who prefer to have their regions professionally hosted, and store rentals. Shopping uses the GT in-world currency, which is not currently available for hypergrid visitors. There …

  • Wright Plaza

    The granddaddy of all freebie malls, with stores offering everything from the staples to the very, very weird. Warning: naked avatar images in some skin displays. Includes skins, shapes, clothing and accessories, landscaping supplies, aquariums, animals, scripts, sculpty sets, poses, animations, dance balls, both working and non-working vehicles, furniture, buildings, textures, landmarks to interesting places on the grid, and much, …

  • The_Island

    Welcome region of the medium-sized Adreans World grid. Includes a wide variety of freebie shops — clothes, skins, hair, vehicles. Many items are CC-licensed from Linda Kellie. Avatar skin displays show naked male and female avatars.  Go next door to The Mall region for furniture, textures, scripts. Check out the dial-up hypergate to other grids, and notable destinations on Adreans World …