Category: OpenSim Tools

  • Stuff

    A copy of Linda Kellie’s shopping mall and her building supply center. Everything is licensed CCo, meaning that you can use it, modify it, and even sell it however you wish. It is the most complete and useful set of free starting content available for OpenSim users. There is also a collection of CC-licensed, full-perm FleepGrid content, and a collection …

  • Atlantis

    A copy of the Clutterfly Mall, a freebie region stocked by content from popular and prolific content creator Linda Kellie. There’s also a full-stocked mall with both classic and new content — fashion, avatar accessories, furniture, animations, and more. Everything is licensed CC0, for any use whatsoever, including resale. An entire store is dedicated to free mesh kits, available with full …

  • VirTech

    VirTech is the main store on the DigiWorldz grid. It features tech freebies for region owners such as ad boards, event boards, notice boards, a scrolling display, vendors boards, and a transporter for your region. There is also a local destinations board at the entrance area.

  • Sandbox

    A sandbox region on the Great Canadian Grid, conveniently equipped with a set of Linda Kellie building tools, licensed CCO for any use whatsoever. Includes scripts, textures, templates, and sculpties. There is also an OpenSim building tutorial here.