Category: Park

  • Good Region

    A freebie island on the Lost Paradise grid. Also home to a country club with a dance floor, a Maltese restaurant, an animal sanctuary, and a park with giant statues of King Kong and a dinosaur. Freebies include CC0-licensed mesh kits from Clutterfly, textures, and more.

  • Paradise World

    Paradise World is a fantasy exploration region on the Metropolis grid. It features vast map full of medieval towns and forests to explore. It also has various hangout areas like a lake and pool, and games like the betting game, Greedy Dice.

  • Moya

    Moya is a art and photography region on FrancoGrid. It features the International Museum of Photography and other pieces of art scattered through the region. Their is also carnival games and the artcenter of contemporary art, Radium, which is a replica of the Moya Radium in Korea.

  • Garden of Hope

    Garden of Hope is a region on the Twilight Grid. It is a hangout region for the celebration of the first anniversary of the Twilight Grid. It also has a local destinations board.

  • Littlefield East

    Littlefield East is a region on the Littlefield Grid. It features shops with items for exclusive use by Littlefield Grid residents. There is also a music lounge with stage.

  • Pangea

    A sprawling 2.5 square kilometer area — approximately 38 standard regions — on the DigiWorldz grid designed specifically for vehicles. Miles of roadways, a freeway, and ample room for flying vehicles. Surrounded by another 2.5 square kilometers of water for sailing. There is a shopping mall here, a nursery, and a vehicle store, all with prices in local grid currency. …

  • Buccaneer Retreat

    This is a tropical region on the DigiWorldz grid. It features a club, dancing, clothing-optional beach, mall with freebies available, hot springs spa, surfing, swimboarding, beaches