Category: Park

  • Artoare Allen Amusement Park

    An authentic and unique amusement park experience with realistic amusement park rides not found anywhere else. Old favorites like bumper cars, the Gravitron and the Ferris wheel and new thrill rides like the Top Fuel Dragster and Kamikaze Ranger. Enjoy interactive games on the midway.

  • Hobo Amusement Park

    This is an amusement park region that features attractions and rides fit for a fun day out. Originally created by Judy Muircastle, the region is maintained by the Lost Paradise grid as a tribute to her memory.

  • Pantherian Swamp

    This is a region on the grid Naras Nook. It features a welcome area with information about the region. There is also a local destinations board to other regions on the grid. It is a pet themed region with various wildlife spread throughout the region. There are various social areas for visitors to hangout at.

  • Parkville

    A park at ground level, and, somewhere above, a city build, a residential desert-themed area and a demo area for the Metamakers Kitely Store. Check the notecard providing at landing for teleport links. City area includes gates to other grids, a movie theater, art galleries,

  • Garden Island

    Garden Island is the welcome region for the Exo-Life Virtual World Grid . It features a nice park for relaxing and an animal exhibit that has ducks, swans, and other creatures to take a look at. There is also a freebie mall that has animals, furniture, and clothing and accessories.