Category: Personal

  • Welcome

    Welcome region of the Second World grid. Includes a small selection of starting freebies, and teleports to other in-world destinations.

  • World of Seasons

    Welcome region of the German-language Greenworld grid. Includes teleport gates to in-world destinations and to other grids. Halloween-themed content currently available, including a free Halloween-themed OAR.

  • Southern Nights

    Second Life’s Southern Lights, a country and southern dance club, has come to the Great Canadian Grid. It features country hits and classic, with live DJ’s and plans to feature live singers in the future. There is also a pool table and a bar.

  • Neiferleaf

    Neiferleaf is the welcome region of the fantasy-themed role playing grid Bartelbe. It features lavender meadows, the True Stonehenge replica, the Magic Grotto, the fantasy Tower Castle near the 1.5-scale Epic Castle and many other shared creations by the OpenSim community.

  • Summer

    Residential community with a beach and downtown. Store with freebies. Central square with a stage for DJs and video big screen. Beach cabins at no charge available from Residencial Ilha Paradise.