Category: Racing

  • Tharopolis

    This is a hangout region on the Metropolis grid. Airport, flying airplanes, working cars, race track, volcano, cable car, autoball game, ferris wheel, and taxis that drive themselves home after being used.

  • Troppo Club

    This is the welcome region for the grid Troppo Club. It is a tropical themed region and features a boating area, social areas, lounge area, and more. It is an island-themed grid from Australian developer Troppo Design. The owner, Per Eriksson, also has virtual land in Second Life. You can see more photos of his designs here.

  • Motopolis OpenSim Speedway

    Motopolis OpenSim Speedway is the welcome region of the Ingen-Lab grid. It features a speedway track for racing and a lake for boat racing. There are also social areas near both the speedway and lake.

  • Pirates Cove

    The welcome region of the Nemesis grid, a pirates’ cove with shops, ships, pubs and more.  There is a hypergrid board with popular hypergrid destinations.  Destination boards to regions on the grid are available that will take you to several places including a raceway, dance club, adult dungeon and snow area with ride ready snow skies.