Lumos is a Harry Potter-themed roleplaying area on the Kitely grid: 25 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, strange things have been happening, and wizards are disappearing. We have everything you need to start roleplaying, from costumes to avatars to props, all free to use. Some content is not exportable to other grid. We welcome merchants with relevant items. Free shops are available. More information here.

Starfleet Astraios

Home base for United Federation Starfleet on 3rd Rock Grid. Roleplaying Star Trek on ships and stations. Explore twelve full regions, events, missions, Starfleet Academy. Teleports to local destinations. Freebie stores, mostly with Linda Kellie content, as well as Starfleet uniforms and other roleplaying supplies. Some are only for members of particular groups, but there’s a civilian outfit and a UFS T-shirt that anyone can grab.


Dankoville is a small town in a farming area in the Corn Belt of the United States that welcomes writers, roleplayers, explorers and tourists. To read more about it, visit Danko Whitfield’s Journey to the Center of the Metaverse blog. Includes a couple of free starter avatars, a gallery featuring in-world photography, and a train station.


The Lani region boasts many attractions including free spaceships to drive, a Dune-like world below and a fantastic, fully accessible space station in the sky. The region is also home to the Lani Mall, with more than 50 stores offering over 2,300 different items, and destination boards to other science-fiction-themed grids and regions.