Category: Sailing

  • Bora Bora

    A tropical island-themed region on DigiWorldz with a nudist beach, marina, hospital, and much more. Great place for a photo shoot.

  • Mogor

    Mogor is an 18+ sim-sailing region featuring adult freebies, a hangout area, sailing on it’s Tortuga Island, an Arabian town called Magerit, and three gorgeous ships.

  • Port Alexi

    Port Alexi is a region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features freebie textures, land for sale, and a shop for women’s clothing. It also has a local destinations board.

  • Troppo Club

    This is the welcome region for the grid Troppo Club. It is a tropical themed region and features a boating area, social areas, lounge area, and more. It is an island-themed grid from Australian developer Troppo Design. The owner, Per Eriksson, also has virtual land in Second Life. You can see more photos of his designs here.