Category: Sandbox

  • 3rd Life Grid.Welcome

    Welcome region on the 3rd Life Grid. Includes full avatars, skins, clothing, animation overriders, houses, and a wide selection of over freebies, as well as teleports to other in-world destinations, and a building sandbox. There is also a performance stage, Podex money machines and an Opensimworld teleporter to other grids.

  • Frostbite Thane

    Frostbite Thane is home to Freda’s Fantasy Mountain, with fairies, gnomes, supernova, stories, fae, and elves. Heximer Thane’s Airport and Air and Space Museum is also here, with planes, rockets, and hot air balloon. Also look for the Arizona Big House, designed by Don Smith, with a lounge, movies, art and dance area. Also check out the Thick Forest …

  • Dune-2

    A sandbox with more than 100 standard regions. Unlimited space and unlimited prims, and no auto-return — perfect for builders. Includes teleport board to other in-world destinations.

  • Welcome Center

    Welcome region of the Watcher’s World grid. Includes a collection of free, Creative Commons-licensed content as well as a sandbox. Grid is up intermittently.

  • Eloquence

    A nine-region public sandbox for hypergrid travelers. Kitely residents without their own regions can use it as a home base. Visitors are asked to clean up after themselves when they leave.

  • OAR-Building Supply

    This is a region on the grid MetropolisĀ based on the Linda Kellie Building Supply OAR. It features various building supplies for those wanting more materials. It provides freebie scripts, templates, and sculptmaps.