Category: Science Fiction

  • Twilight Zone

    Twilight Zone is an 18+ dark region on the Great Canadian Grid. It features a Twilight Zone Club and Mall featuring freebies such as clothing, accessories, and body modifications. They also have room for free shops on the region.

  • Area 52

    Area 52 is a region on the Metropolis grid. It features a general store, clothing, avatar skins and shapes, and more. It also features local destinations.

  • Chon

    An OSGrid region based on the TV show Firefly. Includes freebie avatars, clothing, and accessories inspired by the show.

  • Galaxylandia

    This is the welcome region for the space-themed Galaxylandia grid. It has a help center with currency converters, grid teleports, and a chart of what regions are up. There is a hyperport with a variety of gates to other grids. There is a freebie shop with a selection of standard and furry avatars.

  • Space City

    A region based on Gerry Anderson’s Fireball XL5, a British puppet TV series from 1962. It uses fan-made 3D mesh models of Fireball XL5, Space City and environs. Venus and Robert the Robot figure as NPCs.

  • Starfleet Astraios

    Home base for United Federation Starfleet on 3rd Rock Grid. Roleplaying Star Trek on ships and stations. Explore twelve full regions, events, missions, Starfleet Academy. Teleports to local destinations. Freebie stores, mostly with Linda Kellie content, as well as Starfleet uniforms and other roleplaying supplies. Some are only for members of particular groups, but there’s a civilian outfit and a …