Category: Stage

  • 3rd Life Grid.Welcome

    Welcome region on the 3rd Life Grid. Includes full avatars, skins, clothing, animation overriders, houses, and a wide selection of over freebies, as well as teleports to other in-world destinations, and a building sandbox. There is also a performance stage, Podex money machines and an Opensimworld teleporter to other grids.

  • Ital Vybez

    Ital Vybez is club region on the Ital Vybez Journey grid. It features multiple dance floors with DJ booths and a local destinations board to other regions on the grid.

  • *CenterWorld*

    A popular plaza on the German-language Metropolis grid. Includes a dance club, a live music venue, art galleries, and freebie shops with furniture, buildings, vehicles, tools, and storefronts promoting other in-world destinations.