This is the welcome region for the 3DTeams grid, part of the Virtual Islands for Better Education project. It features a welcome area with tutorials for new users and a dressing room where you can get fitted into the freebie uniforms provided at the welcome area. There is also a conference room which teaches users about Team STEPPS, which is a tool for monitoring situations in the delivery of health care.

OpenSimulator Community Conference

This is the welcome region to OpenSim Community Conference grid.. OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual event that features various conference sectors for business and enterprise, content and community, education and research, learning lab, and development visualization. They have projectors that stream the live streams of these various topics. Also has a directory board of local destinations, including to a freebie shopping zone.

Oil Rig

Oil Rig, developed by Colin Hetherington at the RGU Oil and Gas Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland. Demonstration of North Sea oil rig, rig equipment and sub-sea machinery. Used for oil rig worker training and simulation. Appropriate clothing, protective equipment and diving gear provided to visitors. Used for OpenSim testing and development with complex mesh models.