Welcome region of the AiLand grid, which is used for OpenSim testing and as a showcase for mesh builds. Region includes a small selection of starting avatars, a virtual Oculus Rift, space suits, diving suits, and a few buildings and OpenSim tools. There is also a showcase of in-world destinations and an OpenSimworld hypergrid teleporter and other hypergates to other grids.

Black Rock

A region based on Gerry Anderson’s Supercar, a British puppet TV show from 1961. It uses fan produced 3D mesh models of Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory exterior and interior. There is a Mike Mercury figure pilot NPC.


This region is themed around Gerry Anderson’s Stingray, a British puppet TV series from 1964. It uses fan-made 3D mesh models of Stingray and Marineville buildings. There is also an underwater educational complex based on Justin Reeve’s Underwater Observatory. Additional Fish4Knowledge project objects and Abyss in a Box objects by Arcadia Asylum. Region goes below 0 meters sea floor. There is an exploration mini-sub for visitors.

Central Hub

This is the welcome region for the Apollo grid, operated by the University of St. Andrews in the U.K. It features a hyperport to regions in the present history and past history, such as the Linlithgow Palace and the Brora Saltpans. It has an area of freebies, including some starting avatars, and a special collection that features rare books and manuscripts.


Welcome region of Spellscape, a UK-based magic-themed role play code. Includes an OpenSim viewer tutorial. Includes a little town filled with freebies stores and a land rental office. Free stores and residential parcels also available, but only for residents.

Freebies include starting avatars, hair, clothing, shoes, and other items. There is a large number of Linda Kellie items, free to use in any way on any grid, and also some items for sale to local residents.